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Labor Pool/Internal Volunteers for Emergency Incidents/Events

Welcome UCSF Staff!

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In preparation for any emergency incidents/events, UCSF Medical Center is prepared to respond and recover to ensure the continuity of care for our patients and the security of our staff and visitors, which can only happen, with the help of our dedicated staff. This demonstrates our PRIDE Values: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence.

One important way of responding and recovering from an emergency incident/event is by signing up for the Labor Pool/Internal Volunteer for Emergency Incidents/Events.

What is a Labor Pool?

A labor pool is a source of trained and skilled workers that can be utilized at a central point for assignment. The Labor Pool/Internal Volunteer for Emergency Incident/Events site will collect and inventory your skills and align them with the needs of the medical center before, during, and after an emergency incident/event.

The Objectives of the Labor Pool/Internal Volunteer for Emergency Incidents/Events are:

  • Manage department Labor Pool/Internal Volunteer opportunities during an emergency incident/event.
  • Assess skills of potential Labor Pool/Internal Volunteer and align them with available opportunities.
  • Manage UCSF Medical Center's response and recovery during an emergency incident/event by utilizing Labor Pool/Internal Volunteer where staff shortages exist.
  • Organize and deploy all Labor Pool/Internal Volunteer opportunities when requested by departments.

What is an Emergency?

An emergency is an unexpected or sudden event that significantly disrupts the organization's ability to provide care, or the environment of care itself, or that results in a sudden, significantly changed or increased demand for the organization's services. Emergencies can be either human-made or natural (such as an electrical system failure or a tornado), or a combination of both, and they exist on a continuum of severity. A disaster is a type of emergency that, due to its complexity, scope, or duration, threatens the organization's capabilities and requires outside assistance to sustain patient care, safety, or security functions.

Please review your Department Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and discuss your role and responsibilities with your manager/supervisor as well as volunteering for a role outside your day-to-day duties to assist the Medical Center.

Why should you sign up now?

UCSF staff is diverse in myriad ways, including a multitude of skills that can effectively and readily be performed competently. These skills are used on a day-to-day basis but there are some skills we would like to uncover that may be unique and could be utilized during an emergency incident/event. It's important that you sign up now so that your skills can be aligned with roles and campaigns when developed.

What are the Labor Pool/Internal Volunteer roles?

These roles are dynamic as are emergency incidents/events so they may vary from Runner, Food Distribution, Greeter, to augmenting roles that are in short supply. These roles traditionally will be developed before an emergency incident/event; however, these roles can be introduced during and after an emergency incident/event.


These roles will be associated with Campaigns that are events that organize the Labor Pool with a summary of information that may include a number of jobs/roles and number of shifts.

If there are any questions and/or concerns, then please contact UCSF Medical Center Emergency Management at So sign up today!

Volunteer Now!